Curious Wine – Katherine V. Forrest

Curious Wine - Katherine V. Forrest - lesbian romance
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This book by Katherine V. Forrest was first published by Naiad Press in 1983. As far as I’m concerned, this book is the Godmother of the lesbian novel, the founder of the lesfic genre! I read this book a long time ago. And I was immediately sold. This was the proof, that romance novels with women who loved women existed. It’s such romantic book! And hot 🔥. Snow, a log cabin full of women, two women who immediately notice each other and pull towards each other, sharing a bedroom together. Neither having any experience with lesbianism, not really. But they are both quick studies 😄.

The story is set in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area, and everything just adds to the romance. You feel the cold outside and the warmth inside the log cabin and between the two main characters Diana and Lane. One even more beautiful than the other. They have been in relationships with men. But in the end, they only have eyes for each other! Katherine V. Forrest beautifully describes the love and passion that flares up (yes, really flares up) between them. Erotic but also soft and sensual. If you’ve never had sex with a woman, you can imagine what it must be like after reading this book 😏.

It is a dated book, set in the late 1970s. However, the corduroy trousers, the descriptions of the characters and their reflections and such, cannot distract me from this beautiful, romantic voyage of discovery by Diana and Lane. And the considerations they make for themselves in the decision to choose a woman.

In your own journey of discovery in the lesfic genre, you must have read this book. Definitely a highest recommendation.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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