Spindrift – Anna Burke

Spindrift - Anna Burke - lesbian novel
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Spindrift is the first Anna Burke book I’ve read. By then I had already read 100+ lesfic novels. I didn’t know Anna Burke yet, but review sites were very enthusiastic about her, so I thought let’s try it. I always have to get used to a new voice when I read an author I don’t know yet. But with Anna Burke, I was sucked into the story in no time.

Anna Burke is such a good writer! She describes the main characters Emilia and vet Morgan so well that you really get to know them. But the extras, including colleagues of Morgan, in the story also get their own voice and are a very nice addition to the story. Even the animals I will never forget. There’s a scene with Morgan where she does her job by helping to give birth to a calf, which was so beautiful I just cried. Well, damn!

The story is set in Seal Cove, Maine. And I swear to you, after reading this book I felt like I had been there. Smells, colors, feeling, nature, environment, it is almost as if you are there yourself. And the affair between Emilia and Morgan… Phew 🥵! Let me put it this way, Anna Burke knows how to write a steamy scene 🔥. But also, a budding love and passion and fear. Emilia is depressed when she arrives at Seal Cove. Her father has passed away and she is recovering from a burnout. You think that’s pretty intense. But it makes the story richer and the love stronger. I love Spindrift so much. I read it a couple of times already.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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