The Great Charade – Gerri Hill

The Great Charade - Gerri Hill - lesbian Christmas romance
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The Great Charade is a Christmas novel 🧑🏼‍🎄. Abby Carpenter needs a fake girlfriend to take to her family over Christmas. The reason why is very funny actually. I had never really laughed while reading a Gerri Hill book, but I did with this one.

Abby is afraid that her ex will seduce her again, and that she ends up in bed with her again. Just like last year at Christmas. The ex who met her family for the first time two years before, also during Christmas, as Abby’s girlfriend. But then she promptly slept with Abby’s brother 😮! I really had to laugh at Abby for being so scared of her. I honestly thought that ex was a bitch. But I understand attraction and it can be hard to ignore.

Abby doesn’t know Nic Bennett at all, but she still asks her to be her fake friend for Christmas. How Nic responds to this, and the way Abby struggles with the whole situation I found really funny. I’ve read reviews that are difficult about Nic making Abby a counteroffer, namely: she agrees if Abby sleeps with her during the outing. Well, if you know Gerri Hill then you know that she is extremely respectful towards women. She would never really allow something to happen against anyone’s will. Or people grumbled that it seemed that Gerri Hill does not know that there is such a thing as bisexuality. Of course, she does 🙄! But she is the author, and she determines how she describes her characters. 

Anyway. It is an incredibly romantic story in a fabulously beautiful Christmas-worthy setting. Get in the Christmas spirit with this lovely romance ❤️!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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