In The Distance There is Light – Harper Bliss

In the Distance there is Light - Harper Bliss - lesbian novel
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I am a real fan of some authors. The same goes for Harper Bliss. This Belgian author writes novels that are sometimes quite controversial. So, I like that. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. And then again, all her novels are also very respectful, so that’s a good thing. This book of hers is the most controversial in my opinion. But oh, so romantic 🥰!

In In the Distance There is Light, Sophie, a woman in her early 30s, is overcome with grief after the death of her boyfriend. She is unable to function normally. The only way for her to give in to her grief is to share this grief with her mother-in-law Dolores. Sophie feels safe with Dolores, after all they share the same grief and don’t have to explain anything to each other.

Dolores is not the biological mother of Sophie’s deceased boyfriend. She was the partner of his biological mother Angela who passed away some time ago. Dolores also knows how painful it is to lose a partner. Dolores is 56 and alone. She also doesn’t need a partner. But slowly but surely, the boundaries of comfort and need for security are increasingly crossed. More and more sexual feelings seep through into their relationship.

Sophie is obviously completely confused. How can she be not? She is not a lesbian, deeply grieving, many years younger than Dolores, and not a hair on her head that needs a new relationship. Still…. You can hardly imagine that it can really become something between the two. Still…..

It’s amazing how Harper Bliss tells their story from Sophie’s perspective. How she takes you into their love story. From pure disbelief to joy for them that they have found each other in this way. The sex scenes are not uncomfortable at all. In fact, these passages stuck with me the most because it was so incredible and on the other hand so believable ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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