The Scorpion – Gerri Hill

The Scorpion - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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The Scorpion is an exciting thriller. It could easily be made into a movie. In fact, that is true of most of Gerri Hill’s books. But this one is just different from the other novels written by her. The Scorpion has also won a so-called Goldie, it’s that good. Goldie or not, I also thought this was a fantastically good book. It’s funny, I am not a real fan of detectives or thrillers. But the ones by Gerri Hill are so good and exciting. And always, really always there is room for romance.

That is also the case in The Scorpion, where journalist Marty Edwards comes to investigate a cold case at the police station of Brownsville, Texas. Detective Kristen Bailey is assigned to her as an escort. Kristen has only been working in Brownsville for two years because of her mother who lives there in a nursing home. Kristen is not accepted by her co-workers and only gets stupid chores like babysitting Marty.

But it soon turns out that Marty is meddling in something that some say should be forgotten. In no time the ladies are engaged in an exciting cat-and-mouse game where the bullets fly around their ears. They even have to go into hiding to stay alive. Fortunately, Kristen turns out to be a smart cop with many talents. She knows how to guide them both through the dangerous events.

A love blossoms between the two as well. That is extra special for Marty since she labeled herself as asexual until then. Well, the frigidity is slowly but surely thawing as Marty gets to know Kristen better. The flame eventually sparks and the fire flares up between the two 🔥. Of course, again beautifully and passionately described by Gerri Hill. However, the love story does not have a prominent place in the story. But it is enough to have a nice HEA (Happily Ever After) feeling at the end of the book 😊.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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