The Sex Therapist Next Door – Meghan O’Brien

The Sex Therapist Next Door - Meghan O'Brien - Lesbian erotica
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Ok, well generally sex occurs in lesfic to a greater or lesser extent. Frankly, I like it, so to speak, when the main characters can express their love passionately in a book. Meghan O’Brien does that very explicitly. That is why her books certainly belong to the erotic genre. Then again, sex for the sake of sex is pretty boring to me. After a while I lose interest. The main characters and their story have to grab me in that sense. There must also be love at some point. And there must also be character development. In Meghan’s books, all of that is very well represented.

In The Sex Therapist Next Door you will get to know Diana Kelley. She is a sex therapist who, by portraying sex during her workshops, teaches her clients everything about sex and how to experience optimal pleasure with your sex partner. Unfortunately Diana’s best friend Ava has been injured and she can no longer assist her in her workshops. Out of necessity, she knocks on the door of her neighbor Jude Monaco to ask her to temporarily replace Ava as her assistant.

Jude has had a crush on her beautiful neighbor for a while now. Diana appears regularly in her fantasies. She almost faints when the opportunity arises to actually have sex with Diana when Diana asks her to help her. Even if it is with a female audience that gets to see everything. Diana assures Jude that they are in a strictly professional relationship, although they will sexually satisfy each other in all kinds of ways. Diana is not interested in a relationship at all.

What Diana didn’t count on, however, is how well she and Jude match up sexually. As a result, Jude’s attraction continues to grow, and Diana finds it impossible to keep love and sex apart. But will she be able to give in? Of course, she will 😏! But it takes a while, and she tries in every possible way to resist Jude.

The sex scenes are really, really good 🔥🔥🥵. Meghan O’Brien is a master at describing intense sex without it getting raunchy. You can feel the surrender of the women and it is beautiful how she describes how Jude pushes her boundaries further and further without losing her own integrity. I love this book!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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