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Xena: Warrior Princess

Even though I love, love, love lesfic, fanfic has a special place in my heart. That’s because fanfic is fantastic, literally. It’s about characters from a movie, TV-show, book, or even from real life. You basically already know them. But maybe you’d wish that this one character hooks up with that other character, what would never, or hardly ever, happen in the original story. Or you just name it what you would like to happen differently, there is a great chance that story has been written by one of the amazing fanfic writers out there. There are amazing stories written. Some I still read, 20 years later.

I know of fanfic or fanfiction for years. For me the journey began with Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP). I didn’t really see the love story between Xena and Gabrielle. But after reading an interview with Liz Friedman in Deneuve magazine, later Curve Magazine, I understood that there was ‘subtext’ in the show. It wasn’t explicit, there were hints that alluded to the romantic nature of their relationship. After that I could not unsee it 😁.

On the internet I found dozens and dozens of stories which told exactly that: Gabrielle and Xena were lovers. These were amazing stories. Beautifully written by talented writers who later on published some of those stories as original fiction. Authors like Melissa Good, Sharon Bowers, and others. Also, a lot of writers began to publish original stories on the fanfic platforms. Writers such as Gerri Hill, Radclyffe, K.E. Lane, and many others, began their career that way.

I didn’t know concepts like fandom, portmanteau or ship back then. I also didn’t have a clue that fanfic was around since the 60’s where it started with fics from the Star Trek fandom.

More fandoms and ships followed after my XWP initiation. I learned about Star Trek Voyager (STV) – Seven of Nine/Captain Kathryn Janeway; The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) – Andrea (Andy) Sachs/Miranda Priestly; The 100 – Lexa/Clarke Griffin (Clexa), Supercorp – Lena and Kara, and SwanQueen – Regina and Emma. My fav stories I’ve read with these ships, will certainly be found on my site 😍

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