The Cottage – Gerri Hill

The Cottage - Gerri Hill - lesbian novel
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The Cottage book is one of my favorite Gerri Hill books. There are more of her that deserve first place but this one has impressed me the most. When you read other reviews about this book, you are invariably warned to have tissues ready. Well, I’m not that scared of these kinds of warnings. I see them often and I never cry. But I did with this one! Oh, what a beautiful book this is. Super dramatic, but so romantic.

Gerri breaks one of the major rules in writing a romance novel; a main character must not die! Ok, don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler. You already read this in the first chapter. And then you think, well that won’t work because it’s not going to end well. Nothing is less true. As far as I’m concerned, this book is the ultimate example of love and hope. Really, so good.

The story is about Carrie and Jill, both married with children, who meet in the park during Jill’s lunch break. After that first meeting, a close friendship blossoms between the two women who find in each other something they have been missing in their lives until then.

Jill’s husband is always busy with his coaching and has little time for her. Jill’s mother-in-law doesn’t really help her husband either. What an annoying figure she is 🤬. Jill’s daughter rebels against her mother, thanks in part to the influence of that mother-in-law. So, there is no joy in that either. Carrie’s marriage is about equal to Jill’s; a man who has little time and attention for her. She has two sons who are a bit older and are discovering their own way in life. So, Carrie and Jill have a lot of time to get to know each other.

The encounters and walks in the park are followed by encounters in Carrie’s cottage. No one knows about this cottage, it really was a place just for Carrie to retreat and be alone. Now she shares this with Jill. The women notice that it becomes increasingly difficult not to think about each other when they do not see each other. Jill feels it’s more than friendship what she feels for Carrie, but she’s totally unfamiliar with feeling love for a woman. It soon becomes apparent that Carrie feels the same way about Jill and they begin a passionate affair.

The way Gerri Hill describes Jill falling in love with Carrie is so real, feels so real. And also how Carrie reacts to Jill, rarely have I seen this described so beautifully. It’s not just an affair, it’s a deep love that you see developing between the two. As soul mates ❤️.

If you’re really a fan of romance but aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone, then I say don’t miss this book. It’s so worth reading. This book is definitely highly recommended 💎.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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