Truth and Measure – Telanu

Truth and Measure - Telanu - TDWP f/f fanfic
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First off, I’m probably one of the last fanfic fans to read this story. In case anyone doesn’t know it yet, here it is. If you don’t know it yet… I’m jealous that you can read it for the first time 😉.

This story is comprehensive. Or in another word, long, very long. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story over 270,000 words before! Oh, and I read that Miranda was pregnant in the story. Ok, that’s not really something that makes me very happy. So ok, I had already started it once and after undergoing Miranda’s yelling at Andy for a while, I put it down again. But picked it up again. And now, after all these ifs and buts, I’m going to tell you why I’m so excited about this in the end!

The story begins where the movie ends. But where Andy leaves Runway in the film, in Truth and Measure she has chosen to stay. She has something to prove to Miranda, which is that you can be both happy and successful. Andy is even more committed to Miranda than she already was. And Miranda becomes more and more dependent on her to keep everything in her life in order and running smoothly.

When Miranda turns out to be pregnant, Andy wants to make sure that Miranda lacks for nothing so that she can go through the pregnancy unscathed. She therefore puts in even more effort than usual and sacrifices the little private life she already had. Miranda takes it all for granted, it seems. Appearances can be deceiving, however, because she prefers to always have Andy nearby.

Anyway. After a long time and deep impressions later, Andy sees Miranda in a beautiful dress and the flame is almost literally in the pan 😏! Then the whole game of desire and a budding love between the two women begins. It’s all moving very slow. Not so strange, both are straight, or at least they were. It’s all completely inappropriate, after all Miranda is Andy’s boss. Ther’s a significant age-gap. And then there’s one pregnant, at 50! But. When the gate opens and passion awakens, however messy, the ladies become more and more adept. This story is truly a ‘slow burn with a lot of heat’! And it’s so intense 🔥. And so well written. The many words flew by and before I knew it the book done, and I was left behind full of wonder. I even read the sequel inThe Parting Glass, I wanted so badly to stay in their world for a while.

I have nothing with fashion, anyone who knows me will agree. Yet after reading this story I briefly imagined myself in the world of style and elegance. It was only for a short while, but still 👗.

Also nice, here you can hear an interview with Telanu by The Lesbian Talkshow (TLT) about TDWP fanfic.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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