Keepers of the Cave – Gerri Hill

Keepers of the Cave - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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Thrilling novel by Gerri Hill. Not only exciting, but also quite intense, frightening, shocking, surprising and of course there is also room for a romance. In fact, that’s what I find most special about this book. I don’t think I’m easily shocked myself. But I think I occasionally read this with an open mouth. Gerri Hill succeeds in describing the most unpleasant scenes. And then to pick up the romance between the main characters again in the next chapter, which I am immediately drawn back into, I think that is brilliant writing.

The path Gerri takes with this story was completely unpredictable for me. I thought a few times while reading; ‘No, it’s not, that’s impossible. That’s too bizarre!’ and then it was. And luckily. That’s one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of Gerri Hill. She doesn’t shy away from the dark side of people, and I like that. That is what makes the contrast so beautiful with the loving and respectful side of her stories. And although I don’t want reality in a lesfic novel, I find it very attractive when the characters and what they experience come across as realistic.

So far, the intro for this book. Had to do it 😊. Keepers of the Cave follows FBI detectives CJ Johnston and Paige Riley on an undercover assignment at a girls’ school deep in the woods of East Texas. For 50 years, people have been regularly reported missing in this area. When a bigwig’s daughter appears to have suffered the same fate, the FBI steps in and CJ and Riley are dispatched.

It seems like a no-brainer to them because there is very little evidence of any crimes. Moreover, the ladies are not happy that they have to play for their undercover identity as if they are in a relationship. CJ and Paige once had a ‘one-night stand’ together but would rather forget that. Pretending, however, releases the feelings of the past in them and they eventually give in to the enormous attraction they feel for each other. Their story, their delightful chatting and the jokes they make, makes a perfect counterpoint to the dark side of the story.

Because parallel to the love story, it turns out that something is indeed going on. In the small town of Hoganville, where the girls’ school is located, There are dark forces at play that CJ experiences firsthand. You will also learn more as you read the impressive story of Fiona, one of the residents of Hoganville.

I don’t really want to reveal more about it. If you like exciting stories mixed with a wonderful romance, don’t miss this one! I say go read this book. And also, if only one were looking for a good and solid story with gay characters to film: look no further, take this book! If that doesn’t happen, fear not. This book reads like a movie, it’s that well written. Highly recommend this book ❤️. Read the sequel in Weeping Walls.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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