Love in the Balance – Marianne K. Martin

Love in the Balance - Marianne K. Martin - lesbian novel

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Love in the Balance is a book that I read when it came out in 1998. Back then it was a very topical story and written in the era. If you read it now for the first time, I can imagine that it all seems a bit outdated. After all, it’s been almost 25 years since the book came out. Nevertheless, I still had the paperback but also bought the e-book a while ago and after reading the story again I thought it is still a wonderful novel.

The story revolves around Connie and Kasey. Both beautiful women. Connie is straight and Kasey is a lesbian. They get to know each other because Kasey needs an accountant and hires Connie to do it. The ladies have a lot in common and a close friendship develops. When Connie discovers that Kasey is a lesbian, feelings awaken in Connie that she has never experienced before. Kasey also notices that she feels more than friendship for Connie, but she is rather hurt by a woman who did not dare come out and chose to be with men. Connie may have just dumped her boyfriend, but still. There are too many similarities for Kasey.

In the end, the attraction is greater than the fear, and they both give in to the passion they feel for each other. Their relationship seems to be going well, but there’s the ‘friendly’ Sharon, Kasey’s best friend. Sharon doesn’t want to know anything about Connie because she was straight?! And Sharon fears that this woman will break Kasey’s heart again. Look, Sharon just has a small heart with a big mouth and tries to protect her friend (unsolicited), but she was mean anyway. And Kasey says very little about it. I found that cringe-inducing. But a good test for their relationship because Connie doesn’t give an inch. For that reason alone, I am a big fan of Connie 🥰.

The real test comes when a dramatic event happens that affects everyone. And what eventually happens because of that I thought was very well written by Marianne K. Martin. I didn’t expect or predict it. A real ‘twist of events’. Super good and, especially at that time, something I thought about for a long time. This novel stands the test of time in my opinion. The story is still current. Beautifully written and full of emotion and passion. You can buy the book now for $1.99. I find that really insane, in the sense of absurd. But for someone who hasn’t read the book yet, another reason to buy it now.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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