Beautiful Dreamer – Melissa Brayden

Beautiful Dreamer - Melissa Brayden - lesbian romance
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Of course, I am not superficial at all. But I have to admit that this book caught my eye because of the beautiful woman on the cover! And I just waited for her to turn around. So much for the somewhat superficiality.

Beautiful Dreamer is one of the first lesfic novels I bought when I started reading seriously again. I didn’t know Melissa Brayden either. This book was a great first introduction to her. The story is set in Dreamer’s Bay where Devyn Winters and Elizabeth Draper grew up together. Elizabeth has continued to live there while Devyn has built her life as a successful real estate agent outside of town.

Devyn is about to land the biggest deal of her career when a colleague of her sister Jill’s calls her. Jill has not shown up for work and they are concerned that something has happened to her. Deal or not, she travels to Dreamer’s Bay to be around should any news come in about Jill. Good or bad.

Elizabeth, when they were still at school together, was deeply impressed by the beautiful Devyn. And still is. Devyn, in turn, didn’t really notice Elizabeth. But that is now changing. Elizabeth has grown into a very beautiful woman. Moreover, she is also very helpful, friendly and sweet. She is the so-called handywoman of the village. No matter what help you need, Elizabeth will arrange it for you. At first glance she may seem a little too sweet, but no she really is a sweetheart. I wish I knew someone like that during difficult times. Really delicious.

But is it sexy? Yes, of course! Leave that to Melissa Brayden 😉. It’s romantically sexy. And sometimes that’s so nice. Not too intense, nice structure, well-developed characters but not too complicated. Funny and sweet. And so delicious that it’s a small-town novel. The slowness and the security of the well-known. I love that.

I completely forget about Jill! Jill turns out to be really missing and Devyn is seriously worried about her sister. These are exciting times and Elizabeth helps her where she can, deepening their friendship. Later, they become more and more aware of the romantic feelings between them. But Devyn will eventually leave Dreamer’s Bay again. Elizabeth knows this and tries to keep her heart in check. What will happen to their relationship then? Devyn’s Dilemma; love or important career? Well I would know what to choose!

Delicious. Have fun with this novel. Well look at that, we are a Beautiful Dreamer ourselves 😉!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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