Fragmented – Eliza Lentzski

Fragmented - Eliza Lentzski - lesbian novel
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I had bought Fragmented by Eliza Lentzski a while ago and I have finally been able to read it. And what a good book again from Eliza! One of the main characters is disabled and has to use a wheelchair. You don’t see that often in a novel and I actually found it very refreshing in a way.

What was also very refreshing is that Harper Dawkins, the main character from whose perspective the story is told, also suffers. Only no one sees this because Harper’s problem is inside her head. She hides from everyone that her mother suffers from schizophrenia. And that it is very likely that this condition will also develop in Harper.

During one of her college classes, Harper meets new student Raleigh. Harper immediately notices how beautiful she is and when she sees that Raleigh is in a wheelchair, she immediately feels inclined to protect her. Not that Raleigh needs that because she can apparently take care of herself just fine. A friendship quickly forms between the two. Raleigh shows that she is interested in more than just friendship with Harper. Only Harper forgot to tell her that she already has a girlfriend. However, this soon turns out to be no longer an obstacle. 

In the meantime, strange things are happening. Harper increasingly feels like she’s being chased. But is it real, or is she getting paranoid? Partly because of this, Jenn, Harper’s girlfriend, gets less and less attention. She is eventually dumped by Jenn who is tired of being ignored. This makes Harper feel free to start a relationship with Raleigh. Only Raleigh doesn’t take Harper’s secrecy so easily and eventually Harper confides in her and tells her secret. Not that it’s all over because of that. No, there are a number of bizarre developments that suddenly make the story exciting. Who is after her!? And why?

I thought this was a special story. Firstly because of the ‘broken’ main characters who to find each other. And it’s unpredictable. It wasn’t clear where the story would really go. The romance in the book is very sweet. Both women are such nice people. Especially Raleigh is such a very sweet and wonderful person. She reminded me a bit of Hunter in Winter Jacket. The book also has an alternate ending. I challenge you to read that 😉.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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