This War of Needs – N1ghtWr1ter, RaeDMagdon

This War of Needs - N1ghtWr1ter, RaeDMagdon - Clexa fanfic
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When I started reading this story, I thought at one point: ‘Wait a minute, alpha, omega, beta, omegaverse? What does all this mean?’ Of course, I got an idea while reading it 😉. But after reading this article it all became a lot clearer to me. And I have to say it gave an interesting twist to the story which was really damn good.

This War of Needs begins with Clarke on his way to meet Lexa, the leader of the Grounders. All she wants is to prevent a war between her people and Lexa’s. Lexa, on the other hand, wants to protect her people. The attraction is undeniable from the moment the two finally meet in person. Without even wanting it, they almost jump on each other in the first minutes of the negotiation.

When a chemical poison is unleashed by a mutual enemy, Lexa and Clarke are forced to take shelter in a bunker. Since the poison has soaked their clothes, they have to undress. And in this state, they will have to try to control their animal (yes, really) attraction. Because once they give in to that, the connection will be hard to undo. Let me tell you, they don’t last long 🧨🔥.

What follows are some of the most erotic passages I’ve ever read. And not only a physical but also an emotional bond unfolds between the two. When it is finally safe for them, they come out of the bunker tired but satisfied. Their people don’t like the fact that it has come to a unification. That, of course, was not the intention. But Lexa and Clarke are now connected and there’s no denying that bond. On the contrary, the bond is getting stronger. This becomes the foundation upon which the two peoples, the Grounders and the Skikru, face a common enemy.

You know the expression: ‘Don’t knock it until you try it’. That certainly applies to this omegaverse story by RaeDMagdon and N1ghtWr1ter. This fic is well written, it’s hot, and it’s romantic 🥰. The action (no, not just that action) is well put together. You will also get to know the main characters from The 100. I understand that this story was also an attempt to soften the grief after episode 3×07. These two writers managed to do that very well!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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