Weeping Walls – Gerri Hill

Weeping Walls - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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I might have said a few times that I’m a fan of Gerri Hill 😉. But oh, what a terrific book Weeping Walls is! While it’s actually quite creepy, with ghosts and such. Still, I really enjoyed this book so much. I even laughed a few times. Gerri Hill knows how to keep the balance well with a bit of humor so that it is not too heavy a book in terms of tension and misery. Oh, and also good to report: this is a sequel to Keepers of the Cave. Fortunately, because that book had an open ending.

So off we go again with my favorite couple, FBI agents CJ Johnston and Paige Riley 🥰. If I were to keep lists, this couple would be in my top five! And Paige would be in my top three of my favorite characters. But I digress. Paige and CJ are now lovers, but they keep this a secret from their FBI partners Billy and Ice. They fear that they will have problems with their work if they found out that they are lovers. Positive side effect for them as well; they don’t have to own up to each other that it is more than an affair.

When they head to Houston with Billy and Ice to investigate a murder, it gets harder to keep their affair a secret. They go to Houston to investigate the murder of a boy. The boy’s body has been dumped at a haunted and abandoned house. This was also the place where another boy’s body had been dumped fourteen years earlier. However, that murder case was never solved.  And now the four detectives are sent to investigate whether there is a connection between the two cases.

After talking to a number of people about the two events, it seems to become increasingly clear that the scary house plays a major role. CJ indicates that they should investigate the house more closely. Ice literally shits his pants in fear. That was really so funny. Billy isn’t too heroic either. CJ and Paige take the lead, and soon the ghost stories turn out to have a grain of truth. At least, for CJ because she is the only one who hears voices and experiences all kinds of other scary things in the house. The more they delve into the case, the more CJ is confronted with the secrets of the house. Everything they go through together also makes CJ and Paige increasingly admit that they are madly in love with each other. And that it is much more than an affair between them.

Why CJ is the only one approached by what’s going around in the house and what’s behind it, you really have to read that for yourself. This is such a wonderful book, so exciting, and such a beautiful love story between CJ and Paige ❤️. Enjoy, just enjoy. Despite the gloominess 😇.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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