Wild – Meghan O’Brien

Wild - Meghan O'Brien - lesbian erotica
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I already knew that Meghan O’Brien is a master at writing erotic novels. But this book takes it even further. In this story, besides the romance, because it is not just sex of course 😉, there is also an important role for the supernatural. And there’s a dangerous killer on the loose that desperately needs to be caught.

In Wild, the story revolves around Selene Rhodes and Eve Thomas. Selene is a shapeshifter who changes into a werewolf every time the moon is full. Because of this, she does not dare to enter into relationships because she is afraid that she will tear her partner apart if she changes into her werewolf form. Selene solves this by hiring a prostitute around this month who ties her up so tightly that she can’t get loose. Selene is so scared she’s going to hurt someone. When Selene wakes up in the park after a cycle, it looks like that she has indeed harmed someone. Through this event she meets Eve.

Eve is a forensic pathologist and also not looking for love after her ex cheated on her. So, she is extra wary of lies and deceit. But when she meets Selene, she feels a huge attraction that is undeniable. Soon, Eve and Selene can’t deny this attraction. The deep feelings between them also go way beyond sex, which is all consuming. The bond grows stronger, and Eve and Selene can’t help but fall madly in love.

However, it turns out that the incident in the park is not a coincidence. There’s a dangerous killer on the loose who seems to be targeting Eve. Selene wants to protect her, but then she will also have to show more about herself. Does she dare it? It is also difficult for Eve because she notices that Selene is hiding something from her, and a liar has no chance with her. Their fledgling relationship is under severe strain. Not least because of Eve’s cheating ex who tries to throw a spanner in the works. So annoying, that ex! But also important for the story, so ok then 😊.

If you fancy a novel with a shapeshifter, a story about love and trust, (extremely) hot sex 🥵, a story about a chance to be yourself with someone, a story about daring to surrender to someone, a story with suspense; look no further and read this very cool book by Meghan O’Brien. At least I ‘m not so afraid of running into a werewolf anymore 😉.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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