The Killing Room – Gerri Hill

The Killing Room - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill

Phew, well this one from Gerri Hill has stuck with me for a while. The story is quite a typical Gerri Hill story, exciting storyline with a passionate love affair as a parallel story. But I thought the punch line was intense. Intense in the sense of controversial. And I am not averse to that 😉. So, all in all definitely another favorite of Gerri for me.

The Killing Room begins with Detective Jake McCoy recovering from an event during her job that requires her to recover physically and mentally. She does this in her cabin in the woods where she can be left alone by everything and everyone.

Psychologist Nicole Westbrook is on a hiking trip to try to refuel from her busy job as a counselor for battered and abused women. When she gets lost, she accidentally meets Jake who is enjoying a hot spring naked. Nicole’s colleague had recommended her to let herself go, for example to enjoy a one-night stand. One look at Jake and Nicole suddenly thinks that tip is a very good idea. Jake and Nicole appear to have found each other in that area.

But it has to stop there because Nicole is out of the closet, but only privately. Professionally, she has to protect her reputation and she can’t date someone like Jake to do that. When she returns home, she only remembers meeting Jake as a pleasant memory. She thinks she will never see her again.

But that meeting does take place when Nicole is threatened, and Jake is put on the case to investigate who is behind the threats. The threats become so dangerous that Nicole and Jake spend as much time together as possible. The chemistry between the two is therefore unbearable and they give in to their desire. It soon becomes apparent that there is much more between Jake and Nicole and despite the difficult circumstances they grow closer to each other.

As Jake investigates the threats and murders that are now occurring, she increasingly discovers who is behind it and why. I can’t say anything about that of course because that would be a major spoiler. But what I can say is that even though it became increasingly clear to me how it was, it was still a shock to read about it. And what story hid behind the deeds. You don’t see that very often, I thought to myself. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of Gerri Hill. Besides her wonderful writing style! And the romance in her books, not to mention. Ok, and the sex 😉, although that’s never in the foreground. This is a super recommendation in my opinion ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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