My Protector – J.C. Wilder

My Protector - J.C. Wilder - XWP f/f fanfic
My Protector – J.C. Wilder. Download via the link below (pdf)

Finally, here’s my first XWP fanfic fav I’m writing about. I have quite a few that I would like to share. Unfortunately, not everything can be found online. And now, I had burned everything to a cd disc years ago (yes, it’s been that long), but I can’t find that disc anymore?! Fortunately, there are quite a few available online. Like this fantastic story by JC Wilder. Couldn’t find it at first though, so I fished the story out of the archives and turned it into a pdf.

My Protector tells the story of Sarika who is about to become the Empress of Dethra. Her mother is very ill, and it is expected to die soon. Before that happens, she speaks to her daughter Sarika and urges her to choose a partner as soon as possible. A partner who will strengthen her. In fact, there are threats like Elder Tai-Po who would love to be her partner so that, in addition to having a beautiful woman by side, he can come to power. However, Sarika and her mother see a woman in a shared vision. A strong person with black hair and light blue eyes. Her mother suspects that this is the key figure who will help Sarika find her partner.

Major Laren Ramsey crashes her spaceship on Dethra. When she wakes up it turns out that she is on Earth but 1000 later than when she left Earth for her mission. Tai-Po feels threatened by Ramsey and makes her a slave. When Sarika meets her, she immediately claims her as her personal slave to save her from the sadist Tai-Po. Ramsey has to endure all this. She is disgusted by what is apparently left of humanity, so many years in the future.

Sarika is very impressed by Ramsay. She soon realizes that the vision seems to be coming true. Only Ramsey’s role is much more than just a key figure in finding a mate. But how to convince Ramsey who just wants to leave and rid Dethra of slavery. But it turns out that she is the chosen one. The one to help Sarika in her natural urge to mate with her partner. If Sarika doesn’t do this, she will go mad and even hurt herself out of desperation. Of course, nobody wants that 😇.

It was so nice to read this story again! I don’t remember exactly what year this fic is from, but it’s been a while. You can also see that in the original disclaimer in the PDF. The disclaimer says that you have to be 21 to read this story. Which I thought was a bit exaggerated. Anyway, My Protector is still so good! I conclude again that XWP fanfic is for me the mother of all f/f fics ❤️!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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