And Playing the Role of Herself – K.E. Lane

And Playing the Role of Herself - K.E. Lane - lesbian romance
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I first read this book in the fanfic world. It was published in 2005 as ‘original fiction‘. There were quite a few of such stories online at the time. I guess that still happens today. I don’t know if that was really behind it, but at least it’s a good way (besides writing fanfic) for authors to gain writing experience. In any case, it was very successful for KE Lane. I was spontaneously in love with this love story betgween Caidence and Robyn ❤️. It turned out that I was certainly not the only one ;-). The book was published later and is still a favorite for many.

Caidence and Robyn are both actresses, movie stars really. Both women are beautiful and popular and have roles in the police series where Caitlin has a regular role as a detective and Robyn has a guest role as the lawyer who makes her life miserable every now and then. Sounds familiar doesn’t it 😉. Anyway. Caitlin has a huge crush on Robyn and struggles to keep it professional.

Robyn turns out to like Caitlin and Caitlin thinks friendship is better than nothing. Because it won’t work out with Robyn. She is straight and in a relationship with Josh, the famous tennis star. Caitlin and Robyn become friends and get to know each other better. All well and good until Liz, Caitlin’s fellow actress and close friend, realizes that it would be good for her career if she got a lesbian relationship in the series. The makers of the series think a lesbian relationship is a good idea. But not for Liz, but between Caitlin and Robyn. And because of that, the ladies will have to kiss each other…..

You should read the rest. If you’ve ever swooned or fantasized that you’d like to see certain actresses together…. Take a day or a few days off and read this book by KE Lane 🥰😍. Interesting fact: on Bella Books, the book description reads: The leading ladies and the supporting cast of this debut novel by newcomer KE Lane will charm you, entertain you, and leave you with a smile on your face, eager for Ms. Lane’s next offering. This is quite remarkable as this is KE Lane’s only book to date. Why she never published another book remains a great mystery.

Also nice; the story that was once written as original fiction is still online. Her penname is dabkey and you can find it at the Academy of Bards. For KE it is of course more fun if you just buy the book, but I wanted to share it anyway. The disclaimer alone is great. More nostalgia for me, but oh well 🤓.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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