At Seventeen – Gerri Hill

At Seventeen - Gerri Hill - lesbian romance
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At Seventeen is one of my top favorite books by Gerri Hill. Everything about this book is so beautiful and fun and sweet and sexy. There is also some angst in the story. But that only adds up to the beautiful love story.

In At Seventeen, Madison Lansford and Shannon Fletcher meet when they are 10 years old. A friendship immediately develops between the two. You would think this friendship is unlikely since Madison is the daughter of wealthy parents and Shannon the daughter of their servant, who lives with them. But the girls become best friends and spend as much time together as possible.

It’s no surprise that Shannon and Madison fall in love and have a secret relationship. It’s no surprise, either, that Madison’s mom is doing everything she can to tie her to a suitable party. And that’s not Shannon! Drama everywhere and at some point Madison and Shannon’s paths parted.

Years later, Shannon returns to her former hometown to care for her ailing mother. There Shannon and Madison meet again. It is clear that the love between them has not disappeared. But do they dare to admit it?

The way the story of Shannon and Madison is told by Gerri Hill is so beautiful ❤️. The whole relationship up to the moment of their breakup is told by Shannon in the present day to a bunch of friends of hers. They’re hanging on her every word because it’s such a romantic story. Those two girls who discover love and sex together. Heart-warming. It’s unthinkable that anything could tear them apart. The story continues in the present day when Shannon returns and meets and admits Madison back into her life. I think I’ve read this book 3 times already, but I’ll still pick it up from time to time. Delicious!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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