Of Wulf and Wynd – Lexa Luthor

Of Wulf and Wynd - Lexa Luthor
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Lexa Luthor is writing a true saga with The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. After the prequel Of Iron and Gold now follows Of Wulf and Wynd (Part One: The Vows of Marriage).

Meet Princess Tharon, of the Kingdom of White Sommer, and Princess Roswynd, of the Kingdom of Wyndfeld. They have been best friends since childhood. However, a traumatic event shatters their friendship. Years later, Tharon is the Lord Commander of White Sommer’s army. She has embraced her Alpha status and received the title of Prince. She is now a knight nicknamed The Black Wulf, and she leads her army in the war against White Sommer. For where before the two kingdoms lived together in peace and friendship, there is now only hatred and envy.

Roswynd has never been able to forget her grief over the breakup with Tharon. She also never saw her again after their breakup. But after 10 years of war, there is a truce on the condition that Tharon and Roswynd get married. When Roswynd is forced to marry Tharon, her grief over the loss of her best friend flares up again when Roswynd sees nothing of the old Tharon in her wife.

Tharon, on the other hand, has finally found her omega in Roswynd. But with the hostility and suspicion between the two kingdoms and the past between them, the love between the two seems far away. There is passion but not yet 🔥🔥🔥. But fear not, there will be a part 2 and 3 too.

I love Lexa Luthor. You may have read my bio where I talk a little bit about my history with novels that started with Shanna. Well, that’s what Lexa Luthor’s books remind me of. Unadulterated romance, I love it ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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