Thorn – Anna Burke

Thorn - Anna Burke - lesbian fantasy
Available through Bywater Books

Thorne is a wonderful retelling by Anna Burke of The Beauty and The Beast. Sort of, because the beast is actually the beauty 😉.

When Rowan’s father steals a rose from ‘the Huntress’, the Huntress believes “a rose for a rose” is nothing short of fair. Rowan was given the rose as a gift from her father and when the rose stings her, she is inevitably linked to the Huntress. She takes Rowan, riding her bear and accompanied by her wolves, to her icy castle.

Rowan is young, only 17. She doesn’t know much about the world except her family, her village and Avery, the man she was going to marry. Not that she was really looking forward to that, but it was as planned. The world the Huntress takes her to is cold, empty, barren. She is a prisoner there with only the Huntress and her wolves as her companion.

Yet the beautiful Huntress intrigues Rowan. With her pale skin, green eyes and dark hair. She feels a deep sadness in her that is impressive and curious. The dynamic between Rowan and the Huntress changes. They are falling in love with each other. Rowan will do anything to lift the curse that is clearly on the Huntress.

I think Anna Burke is a master storyteller. Every book of hers is like a world that opens up when I start reading. Delicious! It was no different with this book. There isn’t much 🔥to the story, but there is a lot of 💗.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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