Kara’s Moon – Gerri Hill

Kara's Moon - Gerri Hill - lesbian romance
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One of Gerri Hill’s first stories was published on the Academy of Bards. Since I have to read everything from Gerri Hill, of course, I also read this. And you know what, I loved it so much! While it’s…yeah, how shall I put it, it’s kind of dated. But maybe that’s exactly the reason why I liked it so much, it’s relatable 😂.

The story centers on Ginny Harrison who has fled from her pushy fiancé Phil. She lives with her grandmother in a small village (lovely environment, I want to live there!). There she meets Kara Morgan, a painter. Kara has rented a house during the summer and prefers to be alone and on her own. She makes no secret of that fact. But her grandmother thinks it would be so nice if Ginny could become friends with her, she might regret that wish later on 😉. Then Ginny reads a magazine interview about Kara and her art and discovers that Kara is a lesbian. Well, and here we go….😏.

Oh, when I read a Gerri Hill book I always think ‘this author really likes women’ 😍.  I don’t know exactly why. I think it’s the way she describes the passion between the main characters. And the sex! It is often🔥🔥🔥 but in a way that I only find in her books. I am always completely taken in, to a greater or lesser extent. In this story to a greater extent. Sometimes I frowned upon some things, but that didn’t spoil my appreciation for this novel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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