Saving Grace – Jennifer Fulton

Saving Grace - Jennifer Fulton - lesbian romance
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Apparently, I’m in a nostalgic mood. Because I was recently thinking about this novel by Jennifer Fulton, originally published in 1993. I read it in the late 90’s and then read it a few more times. I thought it was such an impressive novel, not least because of the complex main characters. It is a book that is also ideal to be read on warm, sunny days. Also possible on other days 😉.

After a traumatic traffic accident, Dawn Beaumont flees to Moon Island. She is broken, physically and mentally. The last thing she needs is an amorous neighbor in the form of Grace Ramsay. Grace doesn’t care too much about flirting etiquette and the like. She sees the young, vulnerable Dawn and only thinks that she will be easy prey for ‘no strings’ sex. She even starts a bet with herself on how long it will be before Dawn will have sex with her. But Dawn doesn’t like her, at all. Until the attraction wins.

Dawn doesn’t understand it herself. How could she fall for such a despicable person? But there’s more to Grace than what she shows at first glance. There is even more plot going on in the book, which again has to do with Grace’s presence on the island, making the story richer. Cody Stanton and Annabel Worth also play an important role. They are the couple from the 1st book, Passion Bay, in the Moon Island series.

A trope in this book is ‘enemies to lovers’. But the ‘enemies’ part is usually not really that bad. In this book, the trope is on point. The ladies really aren’t out for love and the dislike is genuine. But still, in the end….👩‍❤️‍👩.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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