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Grand Slam Thank You, Ma'am - faithtastic - Clexa fic
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It’s almost time, the tennis season is starting again! And which fic is better than Grand Slam Thank You, Ma’am (GSTYM) by faithtastic to get you in the mood. There is none 😊.

In GSTYM, Lexa Woods is a tennis star on her way to the top of the rankings. During the Wimbledon tournament, however, an old injury threatens to throw a spanner in the works. She is forced by her coach and trainer to see a physiotherapist. Lexa makes an appointment with great reluctance. Her reluctance fades even faster than snow in the sun when she meets her new physio, British Clarke Griffin. Lexa is suddenly super motivated to take her injury very seriously.

During the sessions it soon becomes clear that Clarke is not completely unaffected by the sexy Lexa. But, professional as she is, she won’t just give in to her crush. Because it’s nothing more than that, right? She tries her hardest to keep the charming, and did I mention sexy, Lexa at bay but eventually gives in to dinner with her. Soon the two find themselves unable to resist each other and give in to the attraction between them.

As far as I’m concerned, GSTYM is a classic, as are all Clexafics from faithtastic. I mean tennis, sexy Lexa, British Clarke, pissant Titus and super funny Aussie Anya. What else do you want? Except pissant Titus. But really, that Aussie Anya is hilarious. For example, when she first sees Clarke, she says to Lexa:

“When you said she was ‘insanely attractive’, I thought you meant by your standards. I was picturing some dag in trackies with a mullet.”

She glances back towards Clarke, now rounding the chain link fence that hems in the practice courts.

“Tits McGee is hotter than a snag on a beach barbie in December.”

And it goes on and on like that 😂😂. So, besides the romance which is🔥🔥🥵, it’s also really sweet and funny! I highly recommend this. But that’s a bit of a default at faithtastic😏.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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