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Cut to the Chase - faithtastic - clexa fanfic
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In this fic from faithtastic , we meet Clarke Griffin waiting in a hip barbershop for Lexa Woods, the barber recommended to her by her manager. Clarke is an actress and has a role in a new TV show as a rock star. Lexa has to make sure she gets the rock star look. When Clarke first sees Lexa, she can’t believe that this beautiful, sexy, young woman is the most wanted hairdresser in Los Angeles. Lexa is apparently also impressed by Clarke because she flirts a lot while cutting and dyeing her hair. This whole scene in the barbershop describes the best foreplay I’ve ever read 🔥.

After so much foreplay, of course, only one thing can happen 😏. And faithtastic really writes the very best sex scenes with this couple. And the very best romance! Lexa and Clarke also get to know each other better in between the sex, and it seems the two have more in common than sexual attraction. What starts as a spontaneous lovemaking session gradually becomes more. But when Clarke learns that the TV show she’s in will be shooting in Canada, it may be too difficult to continue this fledgling affair. Or won’t it….?

Cut to the Chase is just a very, very, fine Clexafic. No hassle, no fear, no drama. Just two women who meet, immediately experience a link and respond to it. And a faithtastic Clexafic in my opinion is an instant highest recommendation for how she describes the characters of Lexa and Clarke and their interaction, and such 😅.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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