The Midnight Moon – Gerri Hill

The Midnight Moon - Gerri Hill - lesbian romance
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This novel is slightly different from the others. It is a kind of diptych, there is a part that takes place during a holiday. Sun, sea, and other fun things. And there’s a part that takes place in ‘back to reality’.

In The Midnight Moon, Accountant Peyton Watts goes on a beach vacation at her assistant’s urging. There she meets the flirtatious Logan Weaver. She finds Logan somewhat pushy because she doesn’t like flirting. She wants to rest and relax. But Logan is enchanted by the beautiful Peyton and perseveres by charming her into going on a date with her. Peyton can’t deny that she finds Logan attractive, and actually she’s quite charming. In the end, she gives in, and they go on a date.

Now I have to say that the scene where Peyton and Logan have sex for the first time is really so hot 🥵🔥. All authors have their own way of describing sex scenes. Gerri’s are in my top 3. I won’t say why 😝. But in this case, it’s also because Peyton and Logan themselves are so surprised by the strong passion when they first make love.

But the holiday ends and so does their holiday fling. Although Logan could find out Peyton’s address by asking her sister who works at the resort, she doesn’t. So stupid! haha! Peyton picks her life up again and tries to get excited about the advances of the famous lawyer Margot Joseph. Still, she can’t forget Logan. Logan is dating young college girls as usual, but she can’t forget Peyton either. Then they are helped by fate and meet again at a party of friends.

Ok, all done right? You would think that. But no. They seem completely different people than during the beach holiday. Stubborn, scared, clumsy, insecure, you name it. What a hassle. You would like to do shake them 😂. But luckily it ALL ends well 💞.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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