The Target – Gerri Hill

The Target - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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In The Target, Gerri Hill takes you on another exciting adventure. I do remember seeing this one but was waiting to buy it. It was the fact that the story was set during a walking tour with a group of women. Usually, I like it better when not too many characters appear on stage. But I finally bought it and guess what, it was another great story! I should have known. It’s no surprise when I read something from Gerri Hill 😏. Not everything I read of her is a direct favorite, but this one is.

Sara Michaels is the daughter of a prominent senator who has run for president. The senator and his family are threatened and when Sara goes on a hike in the mountains with a group of women from her self-help clinic, the FBI arranges protection for her.

The FBI arranges this protection in the person of Homicide Detective Jaime Hutchinson. Sara must not know that Jaime is FBI and that she must protect her from a possible threat. So, Jaime joins the walking group under false pretenses. But soon she becomes part of the group of women because of her endearing personality, as if she just belongs.

Sara is annoyed by Jaime, yes, the romance is coming up. But the women in the group see the chemistry between them and start playing matchmaker. In the end I liked all the characters in the book. You get to know some of them quite well. That’s a good thing, because they are beautiful characters who play an important role in the story.

You would almost forget that there might be someone around who wants to harm Sara. But the bullets of a sniper suddenly remind Jaime that she’s got a job to do. And then the story gets really fucking exciting 😳! Truly a roller coaster. Jaime must do everything in her power to get Sara and the group to safety. Will she actually succeed?

Such an exciting book this is! So exciting, emotional, and there is even a mystery to solve in a way. And of course, there is also romance in between 💞.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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