Towards Sunset – Della Street

Towards Sunset - Della Street - XWP fanfiction
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Xena as a bandit in a western story? Yes, anything is possible in fanfiction 🪅. And luckily so! In Towards Sunset, the bandit Jess resides in the town of Meyersville. To pass the time, she goes after the good schoolteacher Mattie.

Mattie is intimidated by the arrogant Jess, who seems to care about nothing and no one. But looks are deceiving, of course. Mattie, although wet behind the ears, is not as good and naive as she seems. I want to say something banal about the wet behind the ears, but I won’t 😇. And of course, Jess is the big, bad bandit, but she’s also sweet. At least for Mattie because she falls hard for her.

But then? Why is Jess in town anyway? And is there a future for Jess and Mattie? A pearl, this AU from the XWP fandom!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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