Seasons of Love – Harper Bliss

Seasons of Love - Harper Bliss - lesbian romance

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The cover of this book is so good! When I think of this book, I also think of a swimming pool. Among other things 🤭. In any case, Seasons of Love is a great novel to read during the summer holidays. During the winter holidays also works in keeping you nice and warm 🥵😂.

Alice McAllister business partner Miranda worries that Alice works too hard. She orders Alice to go on a holiday. Miranda, who is also her best friend, summons Alice to use her holiday home in Portugal. Reluctantly, Alice leaves for Portugal to try to relax.

When Miranda asks Alice if she’s okay with her daughter Joy staying with her for a while at the holiday home, Alice doesn’t dare say no. Joy is a bon vivant and has zero embarrassment. Alice struggles not to be intimidated by Joy’s bare breasts. She even asks her to be considerate and to behave properly.

So, Alice the -let me say bluntly- dried up 50-year-old and the lively 29-year-old disarming Joy, stay together in the holiday home. As unlikely as it may seem at first, Alice comes alive with Joy. Very much alive! Joy manages to thaw Alice by giving her the attention she’s been missing for a long time. They end up having sex, a lot of sex actually 🥵😂.

Alice makes it very clear that this a holiday fling and will end as soon as the holiday ends. But Joy can’t help contacting Alice when they get back. Alice struggles a bit but can’t resist Joy. Then come the bumps. And the biggest is Miranda. How will she react when she hears that her daughter has a love affair with her oldest friend!

Harper Bliss is truly the queen of the age gap romance. In the past, when I was younger myself, I thought it was weird when one of the two was over 40 haha! Now that I’m over 50, I naturally enjoy reading a novel where I find a recognizable character. And then one who gets into a relationship with someone more than 20 years younger 🤣.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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