One Summer Night – Gerri Hill

One Summer Night - Gerri Hill - lesbian romance
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I think this is Gerri Hill’s first novel, or else one of the first published novels. For me, this one is a favorite because it’s a guilty pleasure 😏. I mean, the way Johanna and Kelly flirt with each other and give in to the attraction they feel, with or without an audience 😉, is to me, let’s say, nostalgic.

One Summer Night is about Johanna Marshall and Kelly Sambino who are in love with each other from the moment they meet, but it takes the whole book for this to become an accepted fact. Johanna is, to say the least, a bit difficult. The well-known adage ‘once bitten, twice shy’ clearly applies here. That Kelly doesn’t run away right away, despite the chemistry between them, is quite a miracle. Oooooor, it’s real love 😍.

Frankly, there is a bit more to it. As far as I’m concerned, Johanna suffers from the worst form of separation anxiety. And that is very bad and very lonely for her. Luckily, she meets Kelly who sees her for who she is and won’t be scared away so easily.

The nostalgic thing for me is how Johanna and Kelly get together. Going out with friends, drinking, dancing, secretly kissing so that no one sees (or so they think) 😇. I mean, do things like that still happen? It seems that nowadays everybody meets online first. Oh well, I’m sure some stuff will hopefully always remain. And also, the separation anxiety that Johanna feels, I used to feel the same way. In any case, this novel made me swoon.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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