Gillette Park – Gerri Hill

Gillete Park - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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A novel with a psychic in it, is that possible? And then also a real one that can be taken seriously? Because unfortunately it is getting pretty silly against Dr. Grace Jennings and about her gift. But leave it to Gerri Hill to write a nice story around this.

But fear not because even in Gillette Park, Gerri Hill manages to spark a romance between the two main characters, Agent Mason Cooper and Grace.

Mason is back in the sleepy town of Gillette Park in the Rocky Mountains after working as a cop in Los Angeles. She is soon captivated by the desire to catch the serial killer who has gripped the town for 23 years. The killer has been targeting young children all along and strikes a few times a year.

The FBI is also involved. They had also engaged a psychic before. This was not particularly successful. Now Grace can try. Together with Mason, who is linked to her, she must try to solve the riddle so that the children of Gillette Park are safe from now on.

Mason is also skeptical at first, but slowly but surely realizes that Grace is not a swindler. In fact, she puts in enormous effort to find out who is responsible for these heinous acts.

This book is so exciting! And quite creepy 👿. It didn’t frighten me, but I sometimes thought that Gerri Hill really is such a good writer. I was completely absorbed in the story. And while it was scary at times, I really wanted too much to know what was going to happen. That’s why this book is a page-turner for me!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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