Thirteen Hours – Meghan O’Brien

Thirteen Hours - Meghan O'Brien - lesbian erotice
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The slogan for this book is as follows: Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? Well, in ‘lust’ maybe. But ‘love’? Answer: certainly! This is certainly the case in Thirteen Hours . Even if you wouldn’t think of that in advance. But leave that to Meghan O’Brien 😉.

It’s workaholic Dana Watts’s birthday. Naturally, she celebrates her birthday at the office by working overtime. A co-worker thinks she’s doing her a favor by hiring a stripper for her. As a result, Dana is surprised by the most beautiful pair of breasts she has ever seen. But she is not happy about being interrupted in her work. Not even if it’s because of Laurel Stanley’s beautiful breasts.

Laurel is a stripper to earn money for her studies. She has never experienced such an ungrateful customer as Dana. The stripping is therefore a fiasco. Dana orders Laurel to leave the building and escorts her to the exit. On the way there, the elevator gets stuck and the ladies are stuck with each other.

I wouldn’t say that the atmosphere between them is cozy. It’s more like both pissed off at each other for different reasons. But unfortunately, the malfunction of the elevator turns out to be a long-term situation. Out of necessity the two start a conversation with each other. And then the metaphorical doors open. Laurel isn’t just a pair of pretty boobs, and Dana isn’t just a cranky bitch.

As Dana and Laurel get to know each other a little better, the attraction between them becomes more and more apparent. The elevator turns out to be an excellent place to have sex with someone you just met 😏🔥🔥🔥. In any case, they appear to be very well matched sexually. But do they also dare to investigate outside the elevator doors whether there might be even more in it for them?

And yes, of course there is 😂! Oh, this book is so good. Once again Meghan O’Brien shows you how to write a masterful (lesbian) erotic novel. With real characters! Read this book, I dare you not to get excited 😇.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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