You’re All I Ever Loved (So Come On And Hate Me) – Serafaerosa

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Obviously, I haven’t read all the fanfic in omegaverse of all F/F ships. But what I did read in the Clexa and SuperCorp fandom is sooooo good! This one by Serafaerosa is a perfect example. Because it is not only 🔥🔥🔥, but is also full of angst. love and drama. And let drama be my middle name 😏.

This story starts with omega Lexa (yes, this is another take on Clexa omegaverse!) who is in heat. And the only person who can help her with this is, yes, Clarke Griffin. But Clarke is mad at Lexa for what she did at Mount Weather. I must say that it is useful for the experience if you know this background story a bit, but it is not necessary.

Reluctantly, Clarke ‘helps’ Lexa with her heat. Lexa feels much more for Clarke, but Clarke constantly rejects these feelings because of the past events. Really, she’s so hard on Lexa. I really felt for her. This is truly an ‘enemies to lovers’ trope. Hence the drama! And the fear is that Lexa even dies in the story! At least that sappears to be the case. I won’t say too much about that because it’s better to see yourself what that’s about.

Anyway, alpha Clarke and omega Lexa are very believable. This is an absolute romantic story not to be missed if you: 1. Are a Clexa fan, 2. Love omegaverse, 3. Love drama, 4. Love love. I super recommend this❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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