Billie Jean King: Abby’s Hero Shares Her Hardest Battle – We Can Do Hard Things

Billie Jean King in action at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills (US Open), 1970

Wow! This is so good. God, it’s good to hear Billie Jean King again. Her story, of how hard she fought for equal rights (and pay) for female athletes. How difficult her coming out was and how she lost all her sponsors because of it.

Fuck! I had almost forgotten how hard it was to be a lesbian, for me, in the eighties. So good to hear again how difficult that was certainly in the seventies. Most recognizable. I realize very well that even now that it is all seems well and good for the lesbian or gay person in the western world, sometimes it still seems to be a sham. And rights won seem wafer-thin.

Incidentally, in terms of equal rights in sports, for example, it is still pretty lousy. Really, that has to get better for women someday. In the Netherlands, for example, we have never had a woman as president. Bizarre.

This is a very nice and good interview. Billie Jean King is the Best! Super nice woman. I really enjoyed this 👏👏!


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