Lay With Me (Like a Renaissance Painting) – coffeeshib

Lay With Me (Like a Renaissance Painting) - coffeeshib - Supercorp
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In this fic of coffeeshib, Lena and Kara are best friends. But something has changed lately; Kara stays with Lena more and more. In her bed. Lena is secretly in love with Kara, so she doesn’t mind. Kara doesn’t seem to notice, but their friends have long realized that Lena’s feelings for Kara go beyond friendship.

The story builds to the moment when Lena can’t keep it to herself anymore and tells Kara that she is in love with her. Kara answers this as she does, sweet and 🔥. This whole fic is like that. Very sweet and so sweet, but also 🔥🔥. Actually, this is the trademark of coffeeshib 🙂. She does this so well. I do think the fic is more fun if you know Lena and Kara a little. Although, if not, you will also get to know them by reading this.

This is a ‘plot, what plot?’ story. But the way coffeeshib describes Lena and Kara, how they see each other and what they feel for each other makes her fics one of my favs 🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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