Orgasm: Pleasure is the Final Frontier with Dr. Lori Brotto – We Can Do Hard Things

I laughed so hard listening to this podcast. But also learned things. What made me laugh has to do with Abby Wambach. She is so cute. She is put in front of the microphone and provoked by Glennon to share all kinds of intimate things about herself and their sex life. I mean, the episode description says:

  • Glennon and Abby share about their periodic sexual droughts – and Dr. Brotto gives them (us) advice.

Nice teaser of course, but they really speak about this 😳🙈 haha! Abby can really do hard things 😂. Well, all for the good cause of course 😉. This is a really fun and informative episode if your sex life needs some improvement. Or just for fun 😇.


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