Turbulence – E.J. Noyes

Turbulence - E.J. Noyes - lesbian romance
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It is a known fact. A couple not ready for a relationship embarks on a no strings affair. Enjoy each other, no hassle. Entirely right. Almost always goes well. unless you want more from the person you have great sex with and who you actually feel very comfortable with.

Such an incident happened to wealthy stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes. According to her ex, Isabelle is not suitable for a relationship and therefore she has something like, never mind. She tries something new for her, which is a one-night stand. She actually really likes that. Until it turns out that her one-night stand is her new pilot, Audrey Graham.

Audrey is far too attractive not to give in to her libido and she eventually gives in to her desire.

Audrey is a benevolent participant in the story. She persuades Isabelle to continue their physical affair. But Audrey sees more in Isabelle and their affair, which seems to be more than just sex, increasingly turns into a relationship.

Turbulence seems like a simple story. Maybe it is. But what really appealed to me was that Isabelle and Audrey are so different and yet E.J. Noyes has described their dynamics in such a way that their attraction, which is not just physical, is so believable. I also found Isabelle to be an attractive character. Not exactly an ice queen, but not quite grounded either. Audrey comes in very handy here 🥰. Just a nice love story this, with a lot of  🔥🔥.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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