At Your Most Beautiful – Harper Bliss

At Your Most Beautiful - Harper Bliss - lesbian romance
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Harper Bliss once again proves that she is the queen of the age gap romance with At Your Most Beautiful. As far as I’m concerned, unsurpassed so far 😎. There are some…phew 🥵. They may be a bit ‘scandalous’. But I like that, so that’s all right!

In this one, Quinn Hathaway is temporarily staying with her parents, who are on vacation. One hot day, she visits their divorced neighbor Maya Mercer to cool off in her pool. Quinn finds Maya an attractive woman, even though they are 21 years apart.

Maya and Quinn click, and they spend more time together by the pool. Quinn seduces Maya with her cocktails and sweet talk. Maya likes to be seduced by Quinn. She is a champion of flirting, beautiful, young, and Maya feels coveted.

Maya tries to resist Quinn’s advances but eventually gives in to her desire. It doesn’t matter to her that Quinn is a woman, or that she’s so much younger. They have sex and well ok, that is🔥🔥. But Maya makes Quinn swear never to talk to anyone about it. It’s their secret.

Quinn moves out of her parents’ house and Maya thinks she’ll never see her again. Until they meet again 10 years later and the flame flares up again just as easily. Maya has meanwhile realized that she likes women. However, her son doesn’t know that yet and she doesn’t know if it dares to tell him. And then there’s Quinn’s parents that she would have a hard time facing if they knew. So, it remains to be seen whether the bond between Maya and Quinn is strong enough to stand up for their love. Proud and without shame ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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