Just Between (serie) – Gina L. Dartt

Just Between (serie) - Gina L. Dartt - Star Trek Voyager
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Ok, ok, ok, here’s the godmother of the J/7 fanfics 🥰! Gina started this series in 1998 and it has become 50 stories spread over 5 seasons. And I just don’t know where to start, this is so good.

Everything you could have imagined, hoped for, fantasized about a love affair between Janeway and Seven comes to life in this series. Of course the entire Voyager crew also plays a part and it is soooo well written! It’s Star Trek Voyager (STV) revisited, lesfic style.

This all sounds very cryptic if you are not familiar with the Star Trek Voyager series. Or if you don’t like the ship J/7 at all. Otherwise, take a look at Fandoms and Ships for an impression.

I still haven’t read everything myself because it’s a lot! But the first story Just Between Us alone is a classic. I read that years ago for the first time, but I remember it so well. Seven who has discovered sex with her captain Janeway and then deals with it so clumsily and innocently. The related scene on the bridge is hilarious and classic 😂.

The stories I’ve read so far are all on point in terms of a apt description of the STV characters. And in any case on point for the entire STV atmosphere. It’s romantic, sexy, funny, adventurous, exciting. Everything STV should be. Or actually, could have been 😉❤️🔥.

Immerse yourself in the world of Janeway and Seven. If you still can’t get enough of them after reading this epic series, read their adventures after Voyager in Millennium 🛸.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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