The Forever and the Now – K J

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Wow! What a wonderful novel KJ has written with The Forever and the Now! I knew it wasn’t a happily ever after story. But that didn’t matter to me. It just depends on what you mean by that. This story had to be told because it’s beautiful. And beauty is not always captured in the same way.

The novel details the relationship between Bron McIntyre, 42, and Kate Agostino, 48. How they meet. How their friendship develops. How the friendship turns into love and how they get into a relationship. As a reader, you follow their journey. You see that sometimes, feeling great love for each other is not enough. That it is good to learn from each other, and to learn for each other, so that love can exist and grow.

The book is not thick. But KJ told such a rich story that it might as well have been 200 pages more. Incredibly clever how she tells the story of Bron and Kate, and Bron’s family – let’s not forget 😊. I’ve cried over this story, but I’m not quite sure whether it was tears of sadness or release. In any case, this book stirred up feelings in me 💜. A super recommendation!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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