But Then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This – Jazzfordshire

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I’m far from done with the Supercorp fanfics. Especially not when such nice and good fics are written like this one from Jazzfordshire. This story is a little shorter than usual, say half a book. A superb quick read!

Lena and Kara are teachers and very popular with the female students. Due to their popularity, many girls enroll in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) courses. That is why they are asked to teach in a combined subject, like say teach together. According to their boss, they radiate a magnetic attraction together. That may be true because without them knowing this about each other, they find each other very attractive.

The students are happy with these two ‘hot teachers’. They also notice that they can’t take their eyes off each other. Lena and Kara flirt a lot with each other. But without ever expressing that anything could come of it or at all. They would never be honest with each other that they flirt with each other.

The build-up is excruciating, and tension is nearly unbearable. That has to lead to something. And of course, that happens. And how 🔥🔥!! More explicit and hotter than other Jazzfordshire fics I’ve read. But with her trademark Lena and Kara characterization and romance between them. Enjoy 😍.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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