The Alpha God (book 2) – Come to My Door – Lexa Luthor

he Alpha God (book 2) – Come to My Door – Lexa Luthor - omegaverse
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The 1st book in the series ended disastrously for Charlie. But Kal saves her. According to Kal, because it wasn’t her time to die yet. Charlie must learn to accept what happened. What she cannot put aside is her urge for revenge. Nothing or no one can stop her.

You will also learn more about Charlie’s background. Why she was expelled from Earth. How she ended up at Kander, where she spent her childhood.

Kal and Charlie grow closer during her recovery period on Kander. Their secret affair seems to develop into more than that. At least that’s what Charlie thinks. But Kal doesn’t really give a reason for this yet. Except in her behavior. The alpha reveals that Charlie belongs to her. And that she takes the trouble to protect her.

In this part, Charlie undertakes a rescue mission. And her crew consists of an old lover and colleague, her friend Raine and Andren, her omega guard.

After a successful mission, Charlie returns to Kander and searches for Kal. She has a bone to pick with her. But she also senses that something is wrong with Kal. She just doesn’t know what but soon finds out that Kal has ended up in a ‘rut’. Something that wouldn’t normally happen to a Kal. Charlie gets the blame for this. One thing is clear: their affair is no longer a secret. It is also clear to Charlie that she wants to help Kal and heads for her hideout. Buckle up 🔥🔥🔥💓💕! To be continued in the third part Born to be Mine.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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