The Alpha God (book 3) – Born to Be Mine – Lexa Luthor

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In this 3rd installment in The Alpha God series, the story first returns to Charlie in her youth and to her friendship with Dorlon. And then the story continues with Charlie on her way to Kal who apparently ended up in a rut because of Charlie. Charlie is determined to help her with that. And she succeeds very well 🔥🔥🔥.

Although Charlie is unfamiliar with the rut ritual, she indulges in it and finds herself wanting to go even further with Kal. She would like to mate with Kal, the eternal bond between lovers. Kal wants this too. But they both agree that this is not yet possible because of the imminent danger if their affair were to become known.

Meanwhile, Charlie gears up for an extended stay on Kander accompanied by Raine. And Kal has a new assignment for Charlie to take the criminal Victor hostage. Kal wants to question him about the possible threat of the return of the Sworne that destroyed the Earth.

A lot is happening in this 3rd part of the series. We meet the locke who befriends Charlie. Raine is going to play a bigger role. Kal buys Charlie a spaceship with cool gadgets 🤓. Victor’s spectacular hostage situation. Charlie and Kal are increasingly becoming a couple in love. And the sex is bizarre 🥵🥵!

II have to say that, to avoid any confusion, I’m adding a new tag to the omegaverse stories/books. This is the tag G!P. When I first saw this, I thought it was weird, a little offensive even. I thought maybe it was more of a male fantasy or something. Of course, it could be, but now I know better. It’s just as much a women’s fantasy and totally ok. More than that even 😏. To be continued in the fourth part Collecting Stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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