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Timber Falls - Gerri hill - lesbian detective
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Yes! Another new Gerri Hill has been released 🎉! I had been waiting for it for a while and on July 14 the time had come; Timber Falls was released to the world 😊. And oh, how I always enjoy her books. Sometimes they make me also a bit sad, because now I want to move to Timber Falls 😂.

Who does live in Timber Falls is Haley Martin. She is the owner of the Timber Falls Bar and Grill. Haley came to live in the tiny town 7 years ago after losing her wife. She still mourns her loss and she is fine with her simple existence. No love, no hassle.

Until Carter travels to Timber Falls to catch a possible serial killer. Carter is a discarded LAPD detective who now travels as an FBI agent to unravel complex murder cases. She’s lonely, just like Haley. But for other reasons.

Carter and Mike, the local police officer and Haley’s best friend, try to solve the murders on the tourists who come to Timber Falls for rafting. Between the acts, a friendship develops between Haley and Carter. Carter admits more and more to herself that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore and would like to settle down. Haley discovers she doesn’t mourn the loss of her wife as much as she thought. Carter makes her want to let go of that part of herself and start living again.

It’s exciting. Romantic too. Of course, again with beautiful nature as a background. While reading I thought what I love so much or find so special about the Gerri Hill books. It is often the same design. The characters are always different, but then again, not a lot. It’s not predictable, but still, it is. Eventually I found out that it’s the dialogues in her books. I love dialogues. And Gerri Hill is quite simply a star at dialogue writing. Period!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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