Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Denial - Jackie Kennedy - lesbian romance
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I previously read Denial as an ‘ Original fiction ‘ story. These stories were posted on fanfiction sites. Authors such as Melissa Good and Radclyffe also made their previous stories available there. These stories were later often published as books and I still read them, sometimes about 20 years later😊. So this one too. As heartbreaking as it is 🥺. Because it’s not just heartbreaking. The book is also very romantic and sexy ❤️.

Amy is about to marry Josh. When she meets Celeste, Josh’s twin sister, her world is quickly turned upside down. She is attracted to the beautiful Celeste. This is new to her and very undesirable. Especially now that she is about to marry the man she loves.

Celeste has just returned from abroad where she works as a doctor. She first meets her brother’s betrothed. When she sees Amy, the attraction is inevitable. Immediately afterwards there is the realization that she is not available. She’s getting married to her brother!

During Amy’s bachelorette party, they give in to their desire. Amy is so shocked by her own feelings that she completely shuts out Celeste. Celeste can’t help but let Amy go. The great denial has begun. Despite this, they can’t escape eventually starting a passionate affair. But Amy will never admit that she is in love with Celeste and leave her husband for her.

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, something so terrible happens that I’m still having trouble reading that piece. I do that with one eye open, not that it helps 😏. How things go with Celeste and Amy and whether the denial holds up is something you might want to read for yourself. It’s so worth it. Beautiful love story. It’s almost a classic 😍🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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