A Family Affair – Harper Bliss

A Family Affair - Harper Bliss - lesbian romance
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Harper called her new novel a “slightly scandalous” book. What one finds scandalous, is fairly tame for another. But I did read some of Harper’s books which I would like to place in a higher category, such as In The Distance There is Light. A Family Affair is in a somewhat lower category, but still a lot more exciting or scandalous if you will, than Harper’s latest novels 😉. I mean, starting an affair with your sister-in-law…. ummm 🤫.

Kate temporarily moves with her husband Kevin to her mother-in-law’s bathhouse. Kevin wants to renovate their house in order to process the grief that after years of trying, they have to accept that Kate will not bear children. The consequence of this renovation is that Kevin is often away, and that Kate has to deal with the grief on her own.

Fortunately, Stella, Kevin’s younger sister, still lives at home. Kate has never been so close to Stella. But the two spend a lot of time together and finally get to know each other better. Stella is an actress and when Kate sees her kissing her idol Faye Fleming in her latest film, it triggers something in her. She suddenly sees Stella in a completely different light.

Stella has always found Kate an attractive woman, but nothing more. She is her sister-in-law and married to her brother. Period! But a night of drinking too much tequila causes them both to see no obstacles and give in to the attraction that has developed between them. To say they were shocked the next day at what happened is an understatement. But can they also stop?

Ok, this is quite a topic that you could see as a shameful affair. I mean, family, cheating… But Harper does it all very respectfully. Nowhere is the subject frivolous. And in the end, it was a nice theme. Things don’t always go the way you imagined. And sometimes difficult things are easier than they seem at first. Sometimes they even make life more beautiful. This is really a beautiful love story ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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