Above All, Honor – Radclyffe

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Being a lover of lesbian novels, I have of course read a number of novels by Radclyffe. She knows better than anyone the art of writing an excellent cun-uh heart throbbing romance. Above All, Honor is one of her first novels, I think. First published as an original fiction story on a fanfiction platform. Where you can still find it with a good search.

In this first installment of the Honor Series, Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts is about to start her new job. Cameron is put in charge of the agents responsible for protecting Blair Powell, the President’s daughter. This is a job she is not looking forward to at all. It is far below her ability but due to circumstances she has to.

What makes it even more annoying is that Blair isn’t happy at all with those security guys around her who always have to know where she is and with whom. Blair is quite a player and likes to regularly pick up women in bars to have sex with them. And she doesn’t want any snoopers in that 😏. She therefore tries to discharge the agents as much as possible. She drives Cameron’s agents, as well as Cameron herself, crazy with her behavior. But Cameron is one of the old-fashioned law enforcers, ‘to protect and to serve’ are not empty words for her and she therefore does everything she can to protect Blair as well as possible.

The fact that Blair and Cameron are strongly attracted to each other 🥵, makes it all the more difficult. Because Blair doesn’t take it too seriously, but Cameron does. And she does everything she can not to give in to the allures of the beautiful Blair. To the extreme even 😂. Things take a grim turn when Blair is in real danger.

I seem a bit blasé about this book. But nothing is less true. It’s a lovely, steamy romance. The threat in the background is also palpable and makes the story exciting. The story of Blair and Cameron continues in several parts. I have the first three and have read these several times. But be careful! Once you start a Radclyffe book, you end up in a lesfic honey trap 😂. You will want to read more and more of her books. Very addictive 😍.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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