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Madeleine Taylor - Online - lesbian erotica
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Madeleine Taylor is the pen name of Lise Gold. I have also read some of her books under her own name, that I also enjoyed. But this erotic novel stood out. Because it’s erotic, yes, but also because of the story. Sex with plot, what more could you want 😏.

In Online, Valerie accidentally comes into contact with lesbian erotic novels. She just got divorced from her husband and never thought of reading this genre. Now that she’s discovered these books, she can’t get enough of it. Understandable of course 😇. She decides to join a book club where the members discuss lesbian erotic novels. Here she meets the sexy Syd.

Syd and Valerie appear to have similar tastes when it comes to the books. But apparently, they also find each other attractive. Valerie decides to start an online affair with Syd. That is nice and safe for her since they live far apart so the chance that they meet in real life is next to non-existent. Valerie has an important job as CFO of a tech company and prefers to keep this new aspect in her life to herself.

But after a while, the desire to meet in person is irresistible and Syd and Valerie decide to meet. This certainly does not disappoint. On the contrary, it makes it all the more exciting. There even seems to be love growing between the two. But there are also secrets to share. Secrets that are more like icing on the cake 😎.

Have fun reading this one. Wonderful book, super sexy🔥🔥, nice and short, and also a happy ending (even more than once 😂, sorry, that’s so bland).

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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