To review, or not to review

I recently noticed that I have already published more than 100 posts on my blog 🎉🍾! And I love doing it so much, my book club of one 😁. I say, on to the next 100! But first this.

I have argued several times with some that my blog is not a review site. But what is it? As far as I’m concerned, this is a blog where I write about my favorite lesfic/fanfic books, stories, and other lesbian-themed items like TV-shows/movies/podcasts. 

lesbian comic
Or comics! I love graphic novels!

But is there a difference between reviewing and expressing an appreciation? Uh, yes. I googled the word review and found this on Wikipedia:

review, also referred to as review, is a (critical) discussion of a book, film, television program, computer game, stage performance, musical performance, any other cultural expression, or another product or service.

A review is often published in a newspaper or magazine or on the internet. The person who writes a review is called a reviewer . A free copy of, for example, a book, CD or DVD that a reviewer receives from the publisher/manufacturer/distributor is called a review copy.

Features of a review:

A review usually consists of three parts:

  1. The analysis (a discussion of the content of the book, film, etc.)
  2. The interpretation (meaning the work itself and in a broader context)
  3. The evaluation (positive and negative criticism)

Now a number of the above aspects certainly apply, but I will leave out the critical and negative aspects. After all, I only write about the books and stories that I consider my personal favorite. I don’t describe books that made me less happy. The stars I give are also of no use, everything is always ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

And also: when an author offers me a free copy for a review, I explain how I’m in it. If they do want me to read the book, then they know that if I don’t like it, I won’t say anything about it. If I do like it, then I write about it and I buy the book. Am I a goody two shoes? Well no. But I want to keep true to myself. That’s why I started doing this. The whole review thing became an industry in itself to me 🤯. I hardly read reviews anymore. Based on the blurb of a book and/or the information I can find about the author, I decide whether I’m going to buy/read the book or story.

Finally, I call my blog a ‘book club of one’. That doesn’t mean that opinions or comments of others don’t interest me though. On the contrary 💚. So much for my argument. I will read on now 😀🪅.


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